I was having problems with losing interent activity and it being very sporadic at best. I would have it for 3 or 4 hours and then lose it for a day. It was very annoying. Sometimes if I walked upstairs and reset the modem and unplugged router then I could get the connection back, sometimes I couldn't.

The cable guy said it must be a problem with my router. So I called the Linksys guys. I have a Linksys WRT54G. They took me through some steps that basically reset my router. It appeard to solve the problem as I was able to connect via wireless. However, since then my interenet has been extremely slow to the point where I can't even browse the internet b/c it times out before it can load the page. It has to be a router problem b/c while I plugged straight into the modem it works fine and is very fast.

Another problem that I have is with my laptop, that I use at work as well everytime I bring it home in the evenings it will connect to the wireless, but with "limited or no connectivity" even though the signal is strong and I will have to Start ->Run and type in services.msc and Start the Wireless Zero Configuration. After that I can connect via wireless, but again it is so slow that it is no even usable.

I went out this morning and bought a new router thinking that mine was just bad, but I am having the same issues with very slow internet.

Any ideas?

Does the Router have wired ports? If so, try one of those. Are you experiencing the same problems?

It sounds like you might be on a busy channel. You can configure this via the admin page.