hi there everyone

my problem is that i cant connect wirelessly anymore for some reason its not working i belive the problem must be my router

i bought this router a week ago and when installed it was working great (wirelessly of course) but one day tried going on and i cant connect so i checked with my laptop thinking mybe it'll be able to connect through this way but no, still no luck it says unable to connect on my laptop

1 i cant connct to my pc 2 can connect on my laptop what the hell

i always find a connection but can connect so i did every thing checked the settings email support they kept on givin me the same old trubleshoots do this and that, but no luck either
iv also restored the factory setting but no use but however yesterday i took my router to my freinds house thinking my be it will work at his,

then bad luck got me as well there his pc had bugs so i could not really make it work there so i brought it back home i tried one last time on my pc before i fellt like breaking it then suddenly it worked i got a connection wirelessly i was over the moon so that day i was happy so before i went to bed i switched of the router and went to sleep the next morning i thought ill go on the internet and relaised i cant go on wirelessly it all restated again

you guys are my last resort plz help

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We sometimes get problems like this with customers who call us at work, but I stress that just because someone has similar symptoms it doesn't means it's the same fault... so this is just some thoughts :)

What I usually do (hoping that the customer is going to be able to set their router up again) is hold the reset for 15 seconds and let the router reboot itself. That should put it back to its out-of-box settings.

Then, get them to scan with their laptop.

If it turns out the laptop is using the non-Windows wireless software I switch back to Windows wireless zero configuration and rescan. Usually the machine then finds the router.

Next step is to try and connect. Annoyingly, router vendors have started supplying them with security already enabled and that can be a problem because a customer will swear they typed the key in right when in plain English they didn't get it anywhere near right, so make triple-sure you do put it in properly when you get to that bit ;)

(Note: had a customer the other night with whom I was doing a walkthrough of recovery. Three times she told me everything was unplugged from the back except for the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and power cord. To start with, what she actually meant was that she had unplugged nothing. 2nd time, she had unplugged the printer. Third time I discovered she had still got the ethernet cable and dialup modem connected along with a box she didn't know about :rolleyes: ).

You've already done full recovery on your laptop from what you said - that would be another thing we'd then try.

If another machine can connect to the router (by cable, for example), we'd also try disabling security while we tested it just in case. I have definitely had several cases where security was the issue somehow.

Ideally, we'd then get the customer to take the laptop to a store and test it on the store network (we support machines bought in a large computer chain). Maybe ditto the router.

Once you have enough evidence for which one it is, we'd either repair the laptop or send them back to the store to get the router replaced.

The thing is, if both machines are in default state and working properly, there should be no problem. So it is simply a case of finding out which one has the problem, and then if it is s settings issue or worse.

I had this issue a couple of days ago. After pulling my hair out, I changed the Wireless channel from 7 to 11, hit apply and it all started working again

Hope this helps.

sounds like you may be getting interference...are you in a city, apartments, what?

Go to:
Advanced --> Wireless Settings --> Setup Access List --> <uncheck> Turn Access Control On

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