HI All,

Well I just got a HP Procurve 2312 switch, but having problem to configure it, it says that it is manageable but I can't see how, the manual in the HP web site is not that helpful has the features showed there are not available in the actual switch, therefore can't do much.


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First, connect your computer to the switch.
Next, make sure Java/Javascript are enabled in your web browser.
Lastly, enter the switch's IP address. This is typically, but check with your manual to be sure.

If everything goes well, you'll see the HP interface in your browser.

Where does it say it's managable? The procurve 2312/2324 are unmanageble switches AFAIK.

Edit: had a look at their website:

Procurve switch 2312 and 2324 are low-cost, stackable, unmanaged switches with 10/100 autosensing per port and 2 open transceiver slots for Gigabit or 100Base-FX.

OK, you're right. I didn't bother to check HP's website to see if it were really manageble. *shrugs*

Thankx guys..

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