I have a home desktop running XP home SP2 connected to my router wirelessly. I bought a new laptop, but it had Vista... after days I gave up and returned the laptop to the shop. I now have a XP sp2 Pro XP laptop, but cant even see the other PC or shared reources.

I'm completely confused!

File and print sharing is on for both machines. Both machines have internet access. They just cant see each other.

Can anyone offer some pointers for me please?

Thanks :-)

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Both Pcs are on the same workgroup... I feel a bit dumb!! lol. Windows Firewall is off on both machines... but I have just discovered that the Norton 360 I installed seems to be the problem! I have switched that off and can now see the machines. I have still been unable to print though. I take it I'll need to install printer drivers on my laptop. I had thought the laptop would use the drivers from the desktop, but it doesnt work yet.

Thanks for stating the obvious thing that I missed!!!


Yes you need to install the drivers on your laptop. That is the best way to go about it. As for Norton..........ya I have seen a lot of norton produces stop or compromise the way you use a computer. Esp. Norton Internet securiryt. So glad to figured that one out.



go get the norton removal tool and NOD32, maybe treat yourself to a little kerio firewall, you'll be fine.


My problems persist!!!

I managed to get the 2 computers to see each other on the workgroup. But some automatic update restarted my laptop. Now the only way I can access documents is through Start run \\<pcname>. But that too has just stopped working, for no apparent reason.

I can still ping each machine.

I now get the following error when trying to access:

"\\<pcname> is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. re permissions. network path not found"

I have windows firewall off on both machines. I have Norton 360 firewall off on desktop.

Anyone know what I need to do please?



I got you...

copy this into notepad, save as netfix.reg and run it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;Issue this addresses: when one PC will "see" the other PC(s), but give an "Access Denied" or "Permisssions" error.



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