Hi everybody,

Here is a newcomer for you, a baby in computer technology.So I am sure that all of you will help me to learn computer networking,giving detailed notes about it.

Here is my doubt.I want to make my Local Area Network, as password protected..How it do step by step.pls
Thanking you

do you have a wireless network? if you do you can use wpa 2k or wep for security. wpa is recommended for home users. You can set the password in the router. If your network is not wireless, you really don't need a password, unless i'm not understanding what you're trying to do.

Please be more specific. You want a password protected network for what?


I have a local area network in my office.About 35 PC's is here. It is wired network group.I want to make my file private and secure from other staff here.Can i make a password for my pc?But i need to share some of my files to co-workers too.....help me to make passsword for my wired network.

Thanking you.

does your network have active directory? if so, i can't help you. if not, you just need to make your user account private, in the user settings, and password protect it and you should be good.

How to show the domain monitor work in all the clints monitor

..hi there!..there is no such thing for wired connection to have a password, except for wireless connections..what group you are joining?.the DOMAIN group or WORKGROUP?..if you are in the domain group, you have a private account..no one is prohibited to your account & no one can edit your files except for you and the administrators, while for your files, if you have network drives in your domain, you can share your files in the network drives, your officemates can see your files attached to the network drive..