Not sure what is going on. I have 2 PC's one (host) is connected to Fios via Ethernet which has a Vonage modem in between...the other (client) is connected via WiFi...strangely this routes through the Vonage modem by default. Anyway, the Belkin USB WiFi adapter installed on the second computer indicates the computer is connected to the network and the internet, however no internet service seems to work. It is not the browser configuration, I have tried multiple browsers with different connection settings still no dice. When I ping the client's IP from the host it comes back fine, as do pings from the Vonage modem to both PC's. Not sure what the deal is....is there some routing I need to do on the client or maybe some setting or software conflict I cannot find? Please help....have spent waaaay too much time attempting to solve this on my own.

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