I have after much thought decded to install a wireless network and also move to a broadband adsl internet connection ( at the moment I have a ISDN internet connection).

I have been looking at several different hardware options but a few things remain unclear.

At the moment I have an external USB ISDN modem attached to my PC ( Win 2K OS).
I would like to keep using this ISDN modem after installing the wireless network... why.. well I have have some applications where modem connection the only possibility is.

Is it possible to connect this USB modem to a wireless router ( are there even wireless routers that have USB as well as ethernet ports). By connecting the Modem through the router my laptop can also use this modem( wireless). The other option is just leaving it connected to the old PC (wired) and sharing it to other PC´s on the network but that would mean leaving my PC on.....the first option would be beter.

Any ideas ....