Well i have tried alot to set up this router and spent days apon days. My question is I am trying to play a game on-line with different cd keys but it won't let us play together. I have spoken with serveral people about this and they have no clue. They said that they can play together no problem. Same game different computers. We have tried it but we can't get it to work. We have tried doing a Static ip. No go on that. Tried i think everything in the router and nothing. We are running cable. If some on could help Feel free to
IM me or send an e-mail. But for sure post please. Oh it also won't let us configure it to the same port number.

Thank You, {Hfx}DOA

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Any ideas will work. Still trying.

What do you mean by "IT" won't allow us to configure "IT" to the same port number? Same as what?

What happens is that we have tried to set it to allow port 12203 and it will only let 1 computer enter the game. On the other hand we can play other online games together no problem. What i mean about "IT" is the router. We have a network everywere router. model#nr041. Thanks.

Which exact game?

This router is better known by it's manufacturer's name "Linksys". Most games I've seen require more than one port. I haven't used this particular model Linksys, but I'm assuming it has the same capabilities as other Linksys routers.

Try these steps.
1) Restart your computer and don't connect anything outgoing to the Internet.

2) open a command prompt.
enter netstat - n -a > C:\netstat1.txt you won't see anything, but the C:\netstat1.txt file will be created.

3) Have your one gamer connect to you from the Internet and once he's established a connection, do the netsat command above again, but this time name the file C:\netstat2.txt

4) Have another gamer TRY to connect. As soon as they fail, do the command again to C:\netstat3.txt

5) Now try setting your PC up as a DMZ host in the router. This should allow all ports to be open to this PC only.

6)Restart your computer.

7) Have your first gamer connect again.
8) Have your second gamer try to connect again.
9 Do the netstat command again and use C:\netstat4.txt for your file name.

If the second gamer cannot connect with your PC acting as a DMZ host, then you are probably not going to be able to make it work. However, if he can connect then the netstat1 2 3 and 4 files will show you what exact ports are attempting to be opened for this game connection. Armed with this information it may be possible to configure your router's port forwarding to work as you need it to. It is inadvisable to leave your pc acting as a DMZ host because it will be receiving no firewall protection. Let me know if you need help understanding the output in the files.

Medal Of Honor Allied Assult is the game we are trying to play. There are three of us trying. on the same cable connection.

Have you gotten a chance to try bentkey's suggestions yet?

bentkey's what is that?

bentkey is the member who posted some troubleshooting steps a few posts above this one.

Kool Thanks. If anyone else can help. Hey i am up for it.

I had a friend ask me this same question a few days ago. What you will have to do is go into the setup utility via your browser and click on the advance tab and go to port forwarding. You will have to set up the ext ports 12203 - 12205 for each computer on the router that you want to play Medal of Honor on. I hope this helps - it worked for my buddy.

Yea i have tried that and it will ony let me put one in.
In the first one I put 12203-12205. The next one I try
to put 12203-what ever number Starting with 122ect..
It said can only put one in. Itwill not let me put more
than one 12203-ect.. Believe me I have not given up.
Thanks.. Anyone else can help I am still trying.

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