"...sendmail[66440]: NOQUEUE: [12.*.*.*] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA"

About 3 days ago I had a reverse DNS problem on my sharehosted Appache that effected email system, and what I believe is how it authenticates users/clients.

Someone else used my IP in editing thier dns registration, most likely the MX records, most likely mistakenly. That statement is only a guess at this time, but read on.

In a reverse dns lookup my Ip was found pointing to someone elses domain name.

I've contacted the people involved. My MX records are clean. Nothing changed with my registrant. My external Host found that the PTR records had to be changed (and they probably had to edit thier own dns server). I believe I'm having an Authentication issue on top of my winproxy (filter/firewall/AV/AS) system also seems afffected... but maybe not.

My appache smpt access files can be edited (vadmin), sendmail seems to be running fine as I can use a third party web based (mail2web) client to receive, and the tests they do also work. It seems they aren't on top of this issue or have not experienced it before, but here's the gig:

1/4 of the systems that go around the proxy (straight through the gateway) access the Apache SMTP service and work fine.

The rest of the systems that go around the proxy just time out with the above error message listed in the maillog file on the appache.

Some can send mail but not receive it, although I believe those are sending between virtual hosted domains at the same IP.

Everyone can authenticate using mail2web.

There is no one type OS, client or combo of them that I can point to.

I actually have one user that gets a "wrong password" error message, not a time out. Even after changing and ensuring mail2webaccess.

I believe some of these accounts are still trying to verify with the "mistaken domain name" and my hosting company is still working through the ranks to get to the peson that knows how to fix it.

Does anyone here? I have root access (well, as far as shared virt hosting will allow)

Thanks much in advance

Kev from Chitown

If I telnet to my mail server, and do not issue any command just the QUIT, I get the same logs. (except the NOQUEUE: at the beginning.)
The NOQUEUE i get when my server denies the connection.

This means that the client application (MUA) which is connecting to the server do not start any authentification, or action on your server...

I dont know if it helps you ...

How do you configure your sendmail server, directly with M4 or use some other application??