Hi , i have a netgear WGR614 router, i try to confiure it using the SET UP CD provided , all the correct lights are on Internet , LAN cable , Power ...but when the router opens the page www.routerlogin.net it does not open it ( This page cannot be displayed , please check your internet settings)

The internet is working fine with the modem but when the router is connected , it seems the internet is not passing through to the laptop through the router. Thus the router cannot get configured and cannot be used.

Please advise.


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what is the router connected to. cable modem or dsl box???

and the config detect the ppoe and your ip address. if so try rebooting the dsl and the router. pwr off each device, bot the dls then the router then connect the router and dsl box. if tiy are still not able to get online, there might be a config setting in the router.

thanks a ton , will try this out..


let me know what is the out come

... and you have entered your ISP login details in the relevant section of the netgear Setup?

i wants to know more of router configuration.. its difficult for me to configure it so explain in steps..

Try reset your modem and router. Did you change any setting in the modem control panel. If yes change it back to normal if you don't know there is an option that reset it to defaults. Keep us updates on your progress.

roy ng jing da

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