hello everybody.

i recently moved into a new home with my wife and we decided to have both of our pc's grouped in the same

room. I have bellsouth fastaccess DSL and I wanted to share my connection with her so that she wouldn't

need to use dial-up (not to mention paying the extra $ to do so).

well, I recently purchased a linksys (model #BEFSR41) router and I hope that this will accomplish what i'd

like it to do, however, I've never done this before and i needed a step-by-step walk-through from anyone

who would be so kind.

let me mention that I plan on hooking my xbox/playstation to this router so that I wouldn't have to switch

CAT5 cables everytime i wanted to play, but obviously i won't be using the internet at the same time i'm

playing (due to performance issues).

my computer runs on windows xp media center edition
her computer runs on windows 2000

could this be accomplished?

thanks in advance.l

Of course it can be accomplished. if you use the setup wizard it should be a doddle. If your setup is anything like mine (I connect to Cable via a router - not Linksys though) then the default settings should work. The Cable Modem deals with logging on and if that works now, then just attahing the router should distribute your service to all the attached devices.

The key configuration paramater (if you have to go into chapter 5 of your user guide) is "Obtain IP automatically" (this is the default); the router is then served by the Cable Modem and it acts as a switch between the attached devices.

Let us know.