Hope someone can help me here. I have 4 computers with each having 2 NIC cards. Each computer has a 100 and a 1000 card. The 1000 NICs are hooked to a 1000 Hub and the 100 NICs are hooked to a 100 Hub. Is it possible to have the 1000 NICs be the dominant connection to each computer? Reason I have this is I would like to move media files over the 1000 connections and other over the 100 connection. Am i making sense?? Is this possible. I using NT on all 4 computers.

You should not hook up 2 network adaptors to the same network. This creates routing loops between the adaptors and duplicate name on the network errors. If you want to use both adaptors, then you need to create 2 networks and route between them. I doubt that this would end up being a good idea though, unless the main workstations you were sending media files from, were also located on the 1000 network and didn't need to route. It really depends on how your network is designed, that is, which machines have to send what to whom. If you don't have too many machines, I'd bet you'd be better off just putting everything on the 1000 and leave it at that. There is no such thing as a "dominant connection".