I am rather new to computing. I am intersted in networking 2 computers (LAN) with my Linksys NR041. I have been using it with broadband for about a year and have decided that it would be beneficial to have to linked with my other computer. Any help is appreciated.


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What operating systems are you running on both computers?

Since you seem to indicate that you've already got the router working with one computer, the rest should be fairly simple.

1. Plug the other computer into one of the available Ethernet ports on the router.

2. If the currently-connected computer's network settings are configured to obtain IP and DNS info automatically from the router, configure the new computer that way as well. If you've entered your computer's IP info manually, assign the new computer an IP address in the same range as the currently-connected computer. That is, if the current computer is assigned an IP of, make the new computer For the subnet mask, gateway IP and DNS server IPs, use the same values that the currently-connected computer is using. At this point, both computers should be able to share the Internet connection through the router.

If you want to share files, printers, etc. between the two computers:

3. They should each be given a unique name and should be assigned to the same workgroup. You assign the computer name and workgroup name through the System control panel, and you will have to reboot each computer to make the settings take effect.

4. In a workgroup setup, you should create identical user accounts on each machine for all users who will be accessing the computers over the network. If you don't do this, you will be prompted to enter a valid username and password whenever you attempt to remotely connect to the computers.

5. For sharing, right-click on the folders, printer, etc. that you want to make accessible over the network and choose the "Sharing..." option. In the sharing setup, give the item a descriptive share-name and select the "Share this folder (or printer)" option.

Thanks for the help! It was remarkably easy. I have another networking questions:

1: How does one set up and share outlook(ms) over a LAN?

Thanks Again.

That can be tricky, depending on what exactly you mean by "sharing" Outlook.
In a business environment, the networking capabilities that you find in Outlook (sharing contacts, calendars, etc., for example) are usually made possible by the presence of a Microsoft Exchange mail server; Outlook itself is not really designed to be a "served" network application.

There are a few "tricks" you can use to get some aspects of sharing working, and there are more that a few third-party applications which add network functionality that Outlook itself lacks. The following article discusses some of the problems and considerations, and also gives links to some of the add-on programs that you can use to overcome the obstacles:


Keep in mind that Outlook and Outlook Express are two very different programs "under the hood"; suggestions/techniques which work for one will not necessarilly work for the other.

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