Blank screen on start up (mouse pointer only)



I'm having a problem with my Dell Vostro 17000 laptop (Vista).

Basically it starts and sounds as though it is starting normally (the little webcam light flickers etc exactly as it does normally) but instead of taking me to the login screen I just have a black screen and my white mouse pointer (which I can move around).

Nothing happens when I ctrl+alt+del or hit alt+tab...

Any ideas?

It got a bit bogged down from years of use and I went through the control panel a few days ago and uninstalled a load of bits because it kept freezing... I'm not sure if the freezing issue has developed or if I might have deleted something I needed to have kept...

I've tried starting in safe mode but the exact same thing happens


when in f8 where you go to safe mode ,do you have a option to run a repair.antagonistic,if so try that

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