I have a problem - my dog ate the power cord to my new blue ray player. The cord is not detachable from the player and the plug can't be fixed with electrical tape. I talked to the manufacturer's support and they told me it would cost me $160 plus shipping the player both ways. It doesn't really worth the trouble in my opinion. I'm not much of a hardware person, so maybe somebody can give me an idea of how to get it fixed cheaper???
Thanks, buddyholly

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Describe whats wrong with it

Why not just cut it above the damage and wire a new plug on. Will mean the cord will be shorter though.

Thank you for your suggestions, but the plug itself is damaged. I did try using electrical tape and it didn't turn on.

Well cant you just cut it off and wire a new plug on?

just shortened the whole house, I think that thing is done :( Thanks though.

you don't just tape the wire ,you have to make sure the 2 wires inside don't touch each other and all you need to do is cut off plug ,go to hardware store and buy a universal plug and connect it to the ends ,and that it, very basic electrical repair

.....i want to laugh but i shouldn't and sorry i have have no experience with electrical repairs

its easy peasy to wire a plug on

What do you do if you buy an appliance and it doesnt have a plug?

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