Hi guys, I have a sony VAIO VGN-NR21S and I am having a problem. My laptop cant be turned on even though it is plugged in with or without the battery. I spilled some drink on it half a year ago but it was still working but then it just suddenly died in the morning when i woke up although it was still working last night. I have tried the holding down power button method and i brought my laptop in to check what was wrong and apparently the motherboard might be broken, but when i plug the power cord in the laptop, the orange battery light flashed for a second, but it still won't turn on. Do you guys know whats wrong with it ?

Thanks in advance !

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When you press the power button, nothing shows on the screen, not even an attempt to boot? If not, reset the battery. If that is OK, you may have a power supply issue. Has the laptop been slightly dropped or mishandled lately? May require someone with technical skills to open the laptop and reset some of the motherboard components. This sometimes helps, espically when computers are left on for long periods of time (they heat up, components expand, then power off and cool off). small chance, it may help.

Could also be that some component got slightly wet when you spilled something on it, then it finally rusted to the point where the contacts are not good enough.

when i press the power button, nothing shows on the screen, but when i hold the power button, and plug in my power adapter, all of the lights flashed once and when screen's backlight flashed for half a second and then nothing happens after that, do you guys know why? so it is still possible to be fix if some of the motherboard components are reseted ?

Anything can be fixed by replacing the failed part. The real question is whether it will be cost effective. In many cases, without having a tech friend, places that repair pcs charge too much making it not worth the repair.

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