My pc freezes on the windows start up page, I am running XP Pro, I have tried re-installing windows on another hard drive but when it gets to the first restart my pc does not restart.
I have tried installing both XP Pro and 2000 pro, pc fails to restart at first resart point of install, fans keep running at restart.

I have tried both SATA and IDE drives, and it happens on both drives. The pc use to work, I moved to the USA for a year and then back to the UK shipping the PC with me, I took out the hard drives for shipping, when I put the hard drives back in on returning to the UK the pc will not start up.
Any ideas?

If you are planning a fresh installation of Windows, just install the first hard drive in the computer. Boot off of the Windows XP CD and start the installation. Install a fresh copy (format the drive during the installation). After Windows has completed the installation, you can then add the second hard drive to the computer and manage it using Disk Management.

I have tried that, at the moment I only have one hard disk in the pc at a time and have tried a fresh installation on each of them one at a time, and I have the same problem with them all, and with all the versions of windows I have tied, (xp and 2000), they all go through formatting the disks, copying window files but when it comes to the first system restart nothing happens, and I am left with a blanl black screen, with the pc fans anf cup fan running.

I'm thinking this may be a hardware issue...

if it's doing this with multiple OS installs, then that tells me something died and needs to be replaced.

btw, you don't have to format your disk...
you can just delete the existing installation on the disk when running setup.
it comes up at the format screen:
"To format the current partition, press F"
it should give you other options here.

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