Why convert <a href="http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-avi-to-mp4-mac.html"> AVI to MP4</a> on Mac?"I want to edit AVI in iMovie, but I found that iMovie dosen't work well with the AVI video, what should I do?"

"I imported some AVI videos to my iPod and found that iPod dosen't support AVI video, which program can help me change AVI to MP4?"

"Several converters I found online convert AVI videos to MP4 are in low quality. Is that any video converter that can convert with high quality?"

AVI, short for Audio Video Interleave, can be get from downloaded online or shared by friends. AVI is a popular but not a loved format, because it's always in big size and it's don't work well with portable media players like iPod, PSP, and the majority of mobile phones. If you want to paly AVI on these devices, edit in iMovie or come across problems as above, the best solution must be converting AVI files to MP4.

How to Convert <a href="http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-avi-to-mp4-mac.html"> AVI to MP4 on Mac</a>?First of all, you need a Video Converter for Mac. It's one of the best converter that can help you convert any format video to another. Few clicks are needed to get the most personal MP4 format with high quality.

How to use this Video Converter for Mac?This is a guide for Mac users. If you need to convert AVI to MP4 on Windows OS, you can go to the Video Converter guide for more details.

Step1 Download and run the Video Converter for MacFind the downloaded install file in your library and double click it, and then you can copy the app to the apps folder or deskstop.

Step 2 Import AVI file to the Video Converter for Mac Two ways can be chosen to import the AVI files:

1 FInd the files or folder and drag them to the program directly.

2 Follow the steps: Menu > File > Import > Add Video FIles.

After importing AVI files, you can preview the video with the built-in player on the right of the interface. Batch tasks are supported by this <a href="http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-avi-to-mp4-mac.html"> AVI to MP4</a> converter.

Step 3 Set the output format as MP4Click the "output settings" on the right of the thumbnail. And select the format as MP4 under the name of "Common Video". Also you can set the format by your devices, for example, you can choose iPhone, iPad, iPod under "Apple Devices", iDVD, iMovie under "Apple Software", PSP, Xbox 360 under "Game Console" and Android, BlackBerry under "Mobile Phone".

Step 4 <a href="http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-avi-to-mp4-mac.html"> Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac</a>

Click the "Start" button and wait for several seconds, and then you can get the output MP4 videos.

Tips for better AVI to MP4 conversion:
1, It’s a program designed for Mac OS X 10.5 or above (Lion include)

2, You can convert edit video with this Converter for Mac.

Try to <a href="http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-avi-to-mp4-mac.html">convert AVI to MP4</a> now or get more info of the Video Converter for Mac:

<a href="http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-avi-to-wmv-mac.html">AVI to WMV</a>

Try ffmpeg. That is a command-line tool, but there is a graphics interface for the Mac. The main tool is at www.ffmpeg.org. The Max GUI interface for it is at www.ffmpegx.com. It is possible that the ffmpegx install will also include ffmpeg itself. Anyway, it will let you convert just about any video format into any other.

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