****Running Windows XP on HP Compaq. Computer has been booting incorrectly and really slow so I thought I would use recovery disc. ONLY to realize after using it that it was for an old DELL laptop. I cannot find the recovery disc for my HP. Short of buying a new disc or computer, are there any other options? I know enough about computers to get me in trouble...apparently...Thanks in advance!****

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HP Compaq

any chance the laptop still has it recovery partition ,
try f11 on bootup and see if you get the optio nto run the recovery

**I have tried F11 and ALT F11 many times...it just boots into Dell...won't give me the ability to recover again.

what is the exact model of you compaq,on the label bottom of laptop likea dv9000 series would be something like dv9056us

Check Dell's website, support. There will be information about how to recover, either by ordering CDs, or by accessing the recovery partition.

**So sorry for the delayed response. Had company that wouldn't leave :) It is a Presario F700

Presario F700

hi, like i said exact model ,you need the exact model number when getting drivers as f700 is not enought as they can have different hardware in different models .
check here

At work now but will check this evening once I get home. Thanks so much for helping me with this...

i got your problem mixed up with another i was workin on ,the link i posted will be of use to get drivers later .

what was the orignal windows version installed on the laptop .do you still have the windows key sticker on the bottom of the laptop .you could borrow a disk from a fried coworker ,to match the one on the sticker ,and use the key on the sticker ,then go to the link i posted above and get all the drivers need to make it run

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