hwoarang69 11 Newbie Poster

i coded a animating in japplet eclipse where a box moves left to right. but the problem is that animation flickers but there is nothing wrong with the code. i tried running on a friend PC and there was no flicking. than i run it on macbookpro os and no flicking. also there is no problem in my eclipse.

but when i run it on windows on macbookpro(bootcamp) it started flicking.

as you can see the problem has to be bc i am using bootcamp on mac.

my computer information:
i am running windows 7 Ultimate on macbook pro (bootcamp).
i dont know what this information means but i hope it helps

rating:      5.9
processor:   intel(R)Core(TM)i7-2720QM CPU @ 2.20GHz GHz
Ram:         8.00GB
System Type: 64-bit 
used space: 95.6GB
free space: 406GB

directX diagnostic Tool > display tab

chip type: ATI display adapter(0x6741)
Approx, Total memory: 707mb
current display mode: 1440x900(32 bits)(60Hz)
Monitor: generic pnp monitor
Version: 8.812.0.0
DDI version: 11
Driver Model WDDM 1.1

my guess the problem is in window graphic? but not sure. any idea why its doing it?