hi I reaaaaaallllly need soem help

I have a normal pc with dsub connection into a tv as a monitor.

the tv has gone wonky, bad display, flickering etc, impossible to work with.

I reconnected my normal monitor and it licked up as pluc and play but will not show the icons or task bar.

I have created shortcut to my control panel, however, when i try to access display settings the information is not displayed so i can set it as the dominanant monitor and sort the rest of the problem out

Can i display monitor 1 and monitor 2 on a single display or can i switch from one to the other without seeing the display properties box

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What appears to be happening is your "normal" monitor is being used as an "Extended Display". It still 'thinks' that your TV is the main display and so is displaying your desktop and any windows that you open there. (whether your TV is on or not)

You can fix this by temporarily reconnecting TV and telling your display controller to use either other monitor as the default display, or changing your settings to use just the one display, as opposed to having an extended desktop.

If you would like our help to do this, then we need to know if you are using a Laptop, or Desktop, and what video software vendor your computer uses, please. ATI? nVidia? etc...

You have got it exactly right, I have reconnected the tv however, it is behaving exactly the same as the monitor. so all i seem tobe getting is the extended display. I am using a desktop running windows home xp, and have nvidia video card, I can get the control panel up but as soon as i try to access anything in the control panel i cant see any of the dialogue boxes as they must be being displayed on the "other2 display

Okay, if you boot into Safe Mode instead of using "Extended Display" it should duplicate your desktop. I've just tried it on mine and it worked for me.

For Safe Mode you keep pressing F8 before you see the Windows logo. (Sorry if you knew this)

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