i just want to decode APID <Code Removed> and 39.0258944051 and cdata 946890422112 all a part of <xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
can you make the numbers into letters?
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What are you trying to do?

can you make the numbers into letters?


The cdata construct in xml is to encode non-printable text into hexadecimal ascii numbers. IE, the letter 'A' would be encoded as 41. So, the string 946890... would be a double-right quotation mark + h + 0x90 (hex 90 - no printable representation)... So, the answer for cdata is that it cannot be made into letters because it is encoded this way because it is BINARY data. Some of the codes may represent letters, and if you want to extract the printable characters, that is possible.

So, you need to read two characters at a time into a string, and then convert that to a hex value.

I don't know what the APID tag is for, but it seems to be a random identifier. Show the XML that contains this please.

The 39.025... number is a double-precision floating point value. There are functions in every programming language to read a string like this into a double variable.

FWIW, none of this is relevant to the xml version and encoding.

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