Hi, the situation is as follows:

A new company has developed a breakthrough MMORPG game. This company wants you to create a database that will manage the accounts of all players registered for this game.

  • Each account must have a unique name. This will be the name that players use to log on to the game server
  • Players need to pay a fee every month for having an account and, when their time runs out, the account must be blocked. It must only be unblocked when they have purchased more time.
  • Each account has a number of characters that have been created by the user. All characters have names and belong to a team and also have a skill level.
  • A table in the database logs any errors that occur. Make sure that certain errors have certain types so that they are easier to find.
  • When playing the game, characters can pick up items. These items are not unique because they two different characters can have the same item. The items are stored in the character's inventory. The inventory has eight slots for different types of items to go into. Items that are the same can be stacked, therefore, a record must be kept of the quantity.

This is all the info they gave me and i have come up with this so far:


Can you tell me the missing entities and the relationships, please.

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What do YOU think they are? Sorry, but we don't do your homework for you, nor do we like to help you cheat... Make an effort, and show your work. We can critique and make suggestions then.

Okay sorry, but can i find out if i'm on the right track and maybe the game server is a missing entity. That's basically what i need to know.

Hi again, sorry but please ignore the discussion above, I've decided to pursue another task and just want to know if this is right:

The question tells me that each exercise must be from a particular book and they want me to keep track of the book IDs and title. The entities are Exercise and Book, now is it a many to many or one to many? Because is it valid to say that the same exercises can be found in multiple books?


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