I currently own a Dell Inspiron Laptop I had received in March 2010.
Ever since then, my laptop has gotten one virus, and been take to COUNTLESS computer shops to be fixed. I had just gotten it fixed about a month ago, but since I had not used it due to a vacation and lack of wifi up until a week ago, it has been sitting in my living room on the coffee table. Now, the battery died about three weeks ago, but my fathers friend said that he doesn't even have a laptop battery in his laptop, so I should be fine without one. But now, whenever I turn on my laptop, the screen is black, but the button light is on. Or the screen is black and it randomly starts beeping. Or I turn it on, and can not use it for about five minutes up to fifteen minutes without it randomly turning off. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I have a lot of work that I need to get done on my laptop, so help soon would be grateful!

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Tell me light color which shown in the button

I assume you are using a power brick with this? In any case, try removing the battery, and running the system just with the AC plugged in. Also, you can get replacement batteries from places such as buy.com for a lot less than Dell will charge you for a new one (about $100USD typically).

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