Hi, I have a Sony VAIO Laptop VGN-NR21M/S which has been working fine. The only problem was the battery wasn't holding it's charge and I was planning to buy a new one. Last night it shut down while I was running Virtual DJ software. No warning, no error message or blue screen. Just shut down. It won't start up if the battery is in, and if I run an AC only it works for a while and then shuts down in the same way.
I've run hardware tests and they say the CPU and memory are fine. The computer shut down while testing the hard drive, but as it's only a few months old I'm hoping thats not the cause. The Laptop is running vista 32 bit, but I'm sure it's not an OS problem as I have formatted the drive and there is no OS on there at the moment. Any help apreciated.

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Some additional info I cleaned the inside and the fan about 2 months ago so I don't think its a overheating issue.

When you cleaned out the heatsink did you also replace the thermal compound? Did you clean out the heatsink because it was over heating? How many times / how long. The MB can warp sometimes.

I didn't move the heatsink at all so the thermal compound hasn't been touched. I cleaned the insides plus the fan and filter with compressed air and it's been working fine for a while since. The Laptops now completely dead won't start at all. I'm really hoping it's a faulty power supply. I'm going to pick up a multimeter tomorrow to test it.

Ok I've tested the charger (19.5v) and it's reading 15.78v. so I'm a bit stumped. I've tested two other chargers known to be working and they're reading as expected, slightly above their working voltages.

It was a faulty charger.

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