I have taken my old Samsung DVD-recorder (DVD-HR775) out of service, replacing it with a VU+ Solo2 combined satelite decoder/recorder (set-top box).

On the DVD-recorder I have recorded a lot of movies and TV-shows. I have the ability to copy it to DVDs (which is the preferred method), but a more efficent way would be to open the box, connect the hard disk to my Ubuntu desktop system (I believe it has a SATA-connection) and transfer the files to it.

I think the box is running some sort of Linux flavor, and that the file system on the hard disk is either ext2/ext3 (or even ext4). But does anyone have any information or experience in doing this ? Maybe Samsung has put some sort of "lock" on the file system so it is not as simple as it sounds - in theory. .?

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Way back when (about 7 years ago) I tried this for a friend. He had an old busted dvr he wanted fixed. I fixed it....so I thought. Turns out that some of the manufacturers key the hard drives to the recorders and once the drive is removed and replaced (same drive) it gives a message saying something to the effect of "Device has been modified".

I would do a couple of days searching on google before I broke it open.

I was thinking of connecting the drive to my PC, copy the files on it and then reformat the whole thing after reinstalling it in the dvr. But that might not be a good idea after all ? :)

Where you able to read the content of the harddisk from the dvr when you removed it from the box ? That's the key point for me...

same problem here...
did you find a solution ?

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