Burned DVD will NOT play.

Err. Msg: "Disc Error", Please eject the disc. Playback feature may not be available on this Disc.


Three different players external to any server connection give the same basic message. All are less than a year old. Commercial discs play fine. Regardless of type, the discs play fine IN the server but no where else.


The same compilation has been retried several times.
The compiler's setting has been changed from PAL to NTSC.
The DVD+R was changed to DVD-R. (Player Manuf. notes that only the DVD-R of the two will work.)
Memorex and Verbatim discs were used.
CDBurner tech support ran out of options.

Across the net many apps. are having the same issue w/no ready solution. Many solutions seem to work but a good many others are left hanging. Have two different seldom used drives to burn with but both give the same result. Only have two apps. to burn with, stand alone CDBurnerXP and Pinnacle which basically uses Windows Roxio. As best I can tell its the same across the board, XP - Win8.

What did you burn? If it was pirated then that may be the reason the dvd won't play.


The most important issue I am aware of is the speed at which you burned the DVD. Over the past 20 years working with CD's and DVD's I have found it best to burn the disk at the slowest speed available and I normally shoot for 4x or 8x if available. If recording at 4x does not make it readable in other systems then what you may have is a mis-aligned laser head. You can spend the time and effort to repair it or with the prices what they are I would simply buy a new drive. But again when it comes time to burn the disk slow is better.

Ancient Dragon: Valid point but moot in this case. I've burned such w/o anywhere near this much trouble.

rch1231: I've burned at the speeds you mentioned with no success. The drives are a couple of years old but as I noted, "seldom used". I thought about newer drives to burn with but the discs play fine in the server, but no joy in an external player which is the point. Commercial CDs & DVDs as expected play w/o isssue. 8x is my usual speed and in the server play just fine. I have two drives by different manuf., doesn't figure that both would go out at the same time, however, may try a new one just to see.

Is this the only one that's unplayable or are all the dvds you burn (using different files) unplayable?

How was the image created? Did you use a dvd ripper that would remove the DRM and region codes? If not, then the image will remain unplayable since DVD DRM does weird stuff that is not translatable to an image file without code to remove the DVDCSS (DVD Content Scramble System) DRM that commercial discs use.

"all the dvds you burn (using different files) unplayable"

Unfortunately all of them are unplayable. As I didn't really check for actual play back on a external player I have good reason to suspect that ALL of the discs burned in the past 6-8 months or more are the same way.

The compiler is Pinnacle. I haven't used a ripper in over a year. I have no need to.


I had not run "Spybot" in quite some time and, apparently, somewhere during its process, the problem disappeared. Not sure whether or not it was AdWare or MalWare (probably the latter) but after that was done the problem was gone. Still had to use the DVD-R discs tho. A write with a DVD+R disc was not attempted but MIGHT have worked.
On a similar note, I found a note that you should not have/use two versions of Pinnacle software at the same time. The disc write actually worked while both Studio 11 and 17 were installed, tho probably not a good idea to try using both at the same time. Compiling and the disc write was initially successful under 17 but I doubt that to be significant, it would probably have worked under 11 as well and 11 did so after 17 was uninstalled.
Its doubful that the miscreant bug actually targeted Pinnacle or CDBurnerXP but instead a unknown Win file not generally associated with the function of either.

I'm processing a new project and when its successfully written to disc I'll mark this thread as solved.

Successfully burned two discs. DVD-R & DVD+R. Both play in independent DVD Player.

Thread solved.

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