Ok my problem is a little tricky and I need help ASAP. I am a bit tech savy my self but I have been at this probem for weeks. My computer starts up fine, fans are spnning and such, but there is no display on my screen. It does not show "No signal" just empty black ness as if it was off.I think it might be the graphics card because it's discontinued but I cant be for sure, and I have no other PC in my house to test it.s Here is the tricky thing, I CAN get it on sometimes when I unplug the power cables everwhere and plug them back in. Once I do that I can play games such as BF4 fine. Although when I manage to start up my computer the time is always off, I have also tried to replace the CMOS battery, which did not help solve anything. I do know its not the monitor cause I tried it on two.
GPU: Sapphire radeon 7850
PSU: XFX 450w

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I had a similar problem with a Dell tower PC, Come to find out, my cat sprayed on the back of it and caused a corrosion build up on the circuit board near the VGA port. After I removed the cover and brushed away the residue and cleaned it off. the monitor worked again.

Does your mobo have a VGA port with onboard graphics, that could be an option? Are you using HDMI or dual link DVI? Try swapping out.

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