Hi guys, so i wasn't sure which forum to ask this but I hope this is the right place. Anyway, I just reinstalled a Xampp on my laptop, Im using windows 8. Now, I'm trying to load my site example: localhost/site/home.php and it is taking forever. I really have no idea what to do.

It was fine yesterday and then today this happened so i uninstalled and reinstalled. that didn't help. its still taking forever.
before i uninstalling i tried reconfiguring the hosts file, httpd.conf file and even the BFE services as suggested by : this person on SO but instead of working the site wouldn't even load at all.

also, i just checked the status on and mysql database is listed as deactivated now that is probably the reason too. how do i activate it?

Someone please help me. im just trying to finish up this project for my internship. TIA

A bit of advice. If things suddenly change behavior and you didn't (you think) do anything to alter that behavior, then reinstallation and reconfiguration are likely not to help (as you have seen). This is when you need to start looking for other possible explanations, such as software updates (Microsoft has a reputation for updates that NEVER adversely affect any of your software - right... and $5 will get you a nice latte at Starbucks!). That said, do you have your system configured to accept automatic updates, or do you require that you authorize them first? What about other environmental changes (anti-virus updates, new software installations, etc)?

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