Pls help. :( My microphone doesn't work anymore. I can't enjoy skype anymore. My laptop is a dell windows 8.1. I have tried everything. I installed everything but after that; still its not working. PLS HELPPPPP!!!! :(

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Format the PC or reinstal drivers again, i don't know what has left ...

Whoa!!! Don't hit it with the Big Hammer yet...

It would help a lot if we had the model of your machine or at least some idea about what your hardware is.

Here are a few things to chech out first:

Do you have a microphone mute button anywhere? Sometimes there's one on a function key or somewhere else on the machine.

Have you gone into your sound driver's settings?
Have you looked at Windows sound options? (if you get into your desktop mode and right click the speaker icon there is an entry that reads: Recording Devices. Click that, check the properties button and check to see if your microphone shows up and is registering)

If it is a problem with a setting, then reinstalling it is probably not a very efficient solution. If it is a hardware problem, no reinstall is going to fix it.

What more can you tell us about what is going on?

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