I keep getting program not responding when I use skype.
How do I fix it.

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have you tried re-isntalling the application? also, did the application work at all then stop working? if so, what happened at the time that it stopped? did you load other software, drivers, updates,etc? did you try a to restore windows via a system restore to a point in time it was working?

To add to what JorgeM said, what OS are you running and which version of Skype?

I have updated reinstalled, the only thing I have added was a new printer.
I have not done a restore. I'm using XP. Skype works and as long as I don't touch the program not responding message I can still use skype. Soon as I close the message I get kicked off of Skype.

That's kinda weird tho.. I use windows 7 and i had issue like that but the reinstalation helped so idk.. there might be some problems with the OS

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