My friend's PC has a folder; containing images( with name photos) is out of users access. It cannot be opened and copied to other drives. when i double click the folder, my computer automatically shuts down and on booting, it takes about 5 mins to open. this problem last untill i format my PC. after formatting my C:\ drive, when i try to interpret the folder, the same problem arises and makes the computer slow. Can i have a solution rather than deleting the folder?
i tried with numbers of antiviruses too but none had succeed on scanning it. what should i do?

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Wipe the entire drive and reinstall the operating system - preferably Linux. Boot a Linux live CD/DVD drive and run the command "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M" - that will wipe the entire disc including the boot/partition sector, which is probably where the malware was located so it could re-infect your Windows OS after wiping it and re-installing it. It is also possible that the malware has infected your BIOS flash data area. That is a more serious issue. It can be resolved, but it isn't simple as the method depends upon the system hardware.

thank you. i will try it.

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