Have a vintage Toshiba Satellite.. BIOS does not recognize the USB I would nned to run UBUNTU from a USB drive. used to see third party providers that could update an existing BIOS. Looking for an informed opinion on what BIOS Flash solutions could work

try to update the chipset of your laptop go to, manufacturer website download the right drivers for your chipset...

If you are computer expert then do the folowing.
1. Download Plop Boot Manager.
2. you can use it two ways.

  1. A. Flashing your BIOS to make it possible so that you can boot any your device from BIOS. to flash BIOS you need Phoenix BIOS Editior. it will replace your network ROM with plop boot ROM. what an amazing idea.
    I have never use NETWORK ROM since child hood. so get rid it off.

B. Install it to your hardisk MBR after this before Booting windows it will ask you to choose device you want to boot.
or you need to setup the Plop boot manager to work with you hardisk.

Its an amazing tool and has 100% perfect solution to your problem. as I am using it since 2010

Plop Boot manager

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