Hi I have this problem. A few days ago I reinstalled the OS. Very easy to do with an HP notebook and recovery manager, supposedly it reinstalls the os and the pc is restored to its factory condition. Fine, everything works except now has been 2/3 days that my mouse is acting up. It will freeze, the light underneeth is off and this low beep comes on. After a few seconds it works again the light is back on on a new beep announces that is back to life. The beep is similat to that when you plug in say a usb key, except it beeps when stops working and when resumes working.Going crazy. I thought of buying a new mouse because I've dropped it a couple of times. But I am the type that wants to know why it does this and why so.. Can you help me? Thank you.

Is this a usb mouse, or is it a wireless unit? If wireless, have you tried replacing the battery?