I have an HP 7600 tower. When I try to commect a microphone, the Recording tab on the Sound window says

"No audio devices are installed."

Right clicked to show hidden and disconnected devices. None found.

Troubleshoot recording could not find the trouble.

Speaker Driver tests as the current driver: "High Definition Audio Device."

Microphone is plugged in. The sound is part of the motherboard.

The driver HP provides for this computer will not start. But they have no drivers newer than XP.

Windows 7, 2GB RAM

Need it in two days.

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Open the Control Panel "Sound" option. Click on the "Recording" tab, and look for an entry for the microphone. Click on that, and then click on the "Properties" button. At the bottom of the window you will see a selection entry with the label "Device usage:". Click on that and select the "Use this device (enable)" option. Then click either the Apply or OK button. Your microphone should now work, though sometimes you may need to reboot the system.


Read my post again. No devices are listed on the Recording tab. There is no entry for the microphone or anything else.

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Is your computer definitely a HP 7600 or could it be a D7600, even a DC7600? This would matter significantly when it comes to drivers.

Run a Windows Update, or check if Windows is waiting for you to give the go-ahead to install updates. Sometimes Windows fixes this issue "itself".

If it is that XP drivers ave the only drivers you can get, then you may get away with installing the HP driver installers with Compatibility set to 'XP Service Pack 3', and ticking the 'Run as Administrator' box.


Windows is updated. Checked for driver updates. The driver "High Definition Audio Device" is "current".

I tried installing the HP driver. I get an error message saying "Windows can not start this driver."


For those who find this, Windows 7 requires a USB microphone. I replaced the headset and everything works.

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