Hi, I have one simple question; has anyone used a password generator? I found couple but are they secure - Any Ideas - they claim they are

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Can't see why I would use such a thing. To get up to speed read http://preshing.com/20110811/xkcd-password-generator/

Of course Correct Horse Battery Staple is no longer safe.

Given you can do this on your own, why would you or I bother with such a site?
That is, unless you are just spamming this, ringtone sites and not here to discuss it.

Therre are some really popular Password Managers on the market these days. A lot of people choose to use them to manage all of their passwords in one place. One of the features is that they generate on your behalf some really cryptic paswords that aren't realistically typed in manually. In fact, you don't even need to know what they are. They store your passwords securely in the cloud so that they are accessible regardless of what computer / browser you're using. The idea is that you're more protected when every site you visit has a different super strong password (the kind that aren't realistically typed in and most certainly aren't memorizable), and it's all done behind the scenes. Nothing to memorize. Of course the big security concern is that all of your passwords are stored in the cloud hosted by this one service. They're meant to be stored securely, but should that service successfully get hacked, well, then ... All that being said, I know a LOT of people who swear by them. I don't use them myself.

Oh, and as a follow up, LastPass (which is the most popular one that I know of) actually automatically changes your passwords for you on sites that have gotten hacked.

yup have you tried this one password generator, because it says the same thing. but my question is are they secure

@Fahad_10, I'm going with NOT SECURE since you can't verify what that site is doing with the information.

I always use "Strong Random password generator" for my official work and the passwords looks similar to below 16 digit password


I feel the one I use regularly is secured!

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