So I turn on the PC it all lights up fans are going pumps are going keyboard and mouse have power but the lights on the keyboard arnt working have tested the leads unplug it and left it for a while reseated the ram unplugged all the stuff plugged into the mobo and put it in one by one testing the PC everytime any one able to help

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This sounds like the classic "The Dead PC." If you google The Dead PC there are many discussions on how to work a dead PC.

Your method isn't one of them. You need the usual Volt meter to check out the PSU leads (how is again on the web) and for discussing in forums NEVER leave out the story and machine details. PUMPS? Whatever for? Most PCs pump air with motorized fans but once in a while a person builds a water cooled system. These are sometimes overclocked and just break. Drives the owners nuts.

Did you at least swap out the cheapest part it could be? (Hint: CMOS battery.)

I've been looking at the board and can't find a cmos battery and the pump is for the CPU water cooler I'll have a look into the dead PC

It's a Asus m5a78l-mlx3 mobo
Gpu geforce gtx 1060
CPU fx 6300 I believe not one hundred percent sure
3 hard drives in raid one hard drive for back ups and a iceberg 240 CPU cooler and a few fans
3 l215ds-2e LCD monitors
A Intel wireless card aswell
The story is I was watching YouTube and it blue screened and now it won't show anything on the monitor

This is where machine details can help. Make, model of the PC or if something made, then make, model of the board and so on.

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