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Ok, thanks.

The company I work for is using NINTEX workflows with MS InfoPath to automate some manual forms in our company.

I've seen the combination of technologies and I am not impressed with it.

Hi Guys,

I'm not sure exactly which forum I should ask this in, nevertheless, here I go:

I'm hearing about a project being done here where I work using MS InfoPath with Nintex workflows. I do not know anything about these 2. Could anyone shed some light on their knowledge/experiences regarding these (this method of application building)?

Thanking you in advance :)


Hi All,

I was just wondering, does anyone know/use NINTEX?

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Is there no one who can assist/guide me?

Hi All,

I am trying to retrieve the telephone number from Active Directory for my script, I found alot of examples online, and I tried to implement what I think should make sense (but since I really don't know vb that well, this is problematic). Below is the piece of code:

''''Get Phone Number from Active Directory using employee ID retrieved from the logged in user

        Dim dirEntry, de As DirectoryEntry
        Dim dirSearcher As DirectorySearcher
        Dim sr As SearchResult

        dirEntry = New System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("LDAP://company.com")
        dirSearcher = New System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher(dirEntry)
        dirSearcher.Filter = "(employeeID = " & Me.fp.BadgeNo & ")"

        'The PropertiesToLoad.Add method will be useful when retrieving only the selected properties.
        'Users Phone

        sr = dirSearcher.FindOne()

        If sr Is Nothing Then 'return false if user isn't found
            Me.tb_phone.Text = "N/A"
        End If

        'Retrieve the user's Phone Number and assigns them to text boxes
        de = sr.GetDirectoryEntry()

        If Not de.Properties("telephoneNumber").Value Is Nothing Then
            Me.tb_phone.Text = de.Properties("telephoneNumber").Value.ToString()
        End If


After running the script, I am getting the following error: "[I]An operations error occurred[/I]" and the error always points to: "[I]sr = dirSearcher.FindOne()[/I]"

Please help


Ok, thanks much though.

I am using the Relationship feature in MS Access to import that tables, but it only does that...allow me to create the relationships and doesn't show the PKs...


I do use TOAD and I am able to look at the schema in question using that. The reason for using the MS Visio Reverse Engineer feature is so that I can create an ERD for the application using the relevant tables (this schema has a lot of tables not pertaining to my application).


Hello All,

I have a sorta unusual problem (not too sure where to post it either), it goes like this:

I am currently using MS Visio 2007 to Reverse Engineer some tables in an Oracle database, MS Visio lists the tables using unprintable characters (lots of little squares). Because of this I am unable to read the listing of table and view names.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

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Oh ok, thanks for your help.

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How about if FB sends out a message for us to reply to so that they would know that we are [B]Alive[/B] enough to respond...and should no response be received within a prescribed time period ([I]say about 1-2 months[/I]), then this account should be labelled as INACTIVE ([B]not DEACTIVATED[/B])...therefore the "Reconnect with him!" trigger would not pull any INACTIVE accounts...whereas, if you are alive, but haven't touched base with your FB account for a while and it was labelled INACTIVE, then upon logging in, it will automatically be re-instated as an ACTIVE account...

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Just for those viewing, I figured it out...the snap-in was manually installed via the command prompt so this problem was fixed.

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