Hey all,

Not quite sure if this is the right place to post this, but here it is anyways...

Ok, I have a pretty much full version of the MS Visual Studio 6.0 that I was able to get through school (free of charge!). I basically only use Visual C++ right now, but hope to learn the other languages included. Now the point of this whole post... I'm wondering because I've never really heard of it, nor really seen any books on it, but I'm wondering what the use of FoxPro and InterDev are. Is it just it's own little language, or what? Are they widely used?

Any info is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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FoxPro used to be widely used but I've not seen any positions advertised for it in several years leading me to believe it's seriously on the decline.

Interdev is a tool for creating database driven web applications if I'm not mistaken. It's also not widely used (anymore).

Skip J++ as well. It's too outdated and will do you more harm than good trying to learn Java.

Leaves VB and VC++. Both old versions too. Good to learn the basics but you'll have to unlearn some things and learn others to be able to work in a modern production environment after using them.


You can get visual studio .NET 2005 enterprise on beta from microsoft online for about £3. It can be downloaded but doesnt have as many features but for about another £2 or so you can get a dvd sent in the post. It has all the languages wih it as well as the web stuff, source safe, msdn libary and soforth.

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