I'm a senior at my college and am now set for my final project. However, I can't think of a good project topic.

The problem in the matter is that I'm part of a single major called "Software Engineering & Applied Mathematics" and have been on odd ends with my advisor because he is a math professor (dispite that my main emphasis is computer science). Thus, it is required of me to have my final project have a math theme as well as a software engineering theme.

Can some one help me out?

You could, say, make an application for easily designing (and running) _______ simulations in ______ environment. Insert an appropriate word pair like ("swimmer", "low-reynolds newtonian fluid"). That's more on the computational end of the spectrum -- depending on your department's definition of "applied mathematics" that might be fine. (My math department, for instance, had "applied" a separate concentration from "computational".)

Another option might be to make a video game whose physics requires some form of "cool" numerical computation. Again, I'm thinking something involving simulating a (2D) fluid somehow (because it would look cool if you rendered it right, and because I (with another fluid simulation idea) have a limited imagination).

I guess in general I would take a look at the problems that applied mathematics is good at solving and seeing if you can squeeze that into something interesting.

Now, if you only need a general math theme (and not an applied math theme) you could shoot in the direction of a computer algebra system, or something like a raytracer (with good features). I think a ray tracer's a pretty good one, because you automatically get linear algebra, problems like the representation of geometric shapes, and if you include support for things like transparent objects with continuously varying refraction indexes, some numerical computation.

If you wanted to be fancy, you'd do raytracing on a 3 dimensional manifold embedded in 4-D space.

Look at past posts, and work out the probability that on any given day, there'll be a new post from some wannabe graduate who can't think for themselves, and who needs "help thinking of a project".

D'ya think this line will work with say
- I can't think of what job to apply for
- I can't think of what to do to solve this work assignment
- I can't..... MUMMY, the world's a nasty place!

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Prove or disprove P != NP , your math professor will get a heart attack :-)

Why, I do believe that Rashakil Fol has just admitted it's OK to be as clueless as a box of rocks after 3 or 4 years of expensive university education, and has offered to help you all through your "final" assignment.

Lighten up, dude. There are not actually very many interesting projects to do involving something as staid as applied mathematics.

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