I am graduated student in compuer science can u give some hit in project titile.

If you have already graduated why do you need a project ? What do you mean by hit project ?

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Leave dead threads in the graveyard

If you have already graduated why do you need a project ? What do you mean by hit project ?

Why on earth would you respond to a post like that? It's been over 1.5 month since that reply.

I'm closing this thread due to multiple useless resurrections over the past 100 years.

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Please close all the other outstanding "project title" threads lying around the board.

Pls I need your assistance on this topic:DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF A SECURED WIRELESS NETWORK. Pls I need a VB program on it and also some writeup. The Program will contain a graph(line graph and bar chart ) that will tell how the bandwith is use.

Pls I will expecting your feedback ... email: olaem20e10@gmail.com. ASAP
Thank you Sir..


I certainly am not meaning to "troll" you or even fuss at you.
It is probable that you will find your project more satisfying and will do a better job for being "more into it" if you come up eith a title yourself. I opened this thread because I was surprised to see a "final year project" person that wasn't coming up with a project themselves. If you found this site, you must be creative and inquisitive. Trust yourself! You can do it!
If you like "some web based system", then figure out why and think of what questions you might have, and base your project on that, so that your project would be interesting and educational not just to yourself, but others.
Any prospective employer will expect you to have this level of creativity.

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