Hi guys,

I have to give proposal of my final year project next week. I am interested in game development and very much inspired from games like nfs and counter strike. I know i cannot develop games like them But the thing here is that i dont know any thing about games' platforms, but i am a programmer, i know c, c++, c#.

So I want to take your opinion that can I go for a game in my final year project? Will it be possible for me to learn a platform and make a game in just 9 months? Please give me some suggestions. If it will be possible to implement in the timeline, then I am willing to learn.

Please reply soon... I have very short time...

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Yes I would say so. The quality of the game will not be the best of course.
If you have previous knowledge of Linear Algebra and 3d modeling you are well on your way.


I also think so. I'm not saying that you will be able to make GTA IV, but you can make a great game and learn a platform well for 9 months.

A personal proposition would be the best game engine I've used : Unity3D. Since you mentioned that you know C#, which is one of the three supported languages there : Javascript(also known as UnityScript though it's not same as web javascript), C#, and not very much used Boo.

Been using it, and there are TONS of tutorials, documentation, YouTube videos, personal blogs projects where you can learn from.

You have a free version which you can get from their web-site


which is very, very useful.

Take a look at it, I'm sure you'll love it. Hope I helped. Cheers.

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