I am having extreme difficult doing pseodo if any one can help me understand it better I would appreciate it. My question is about a summer camp that needs an interactive program that can estimate the campers skills levelthe user enters a score in each four areas scores range from 1-10 the four areas are swimming horsemanship, tennis, and crafts output is the total score that is the sum of the campers four skill scores. The problem I am having is how to score the areas because I have to make a visual basic program about this also.

well are u using any kind of DB for backend ?
I guess so ... In that case firstly think of an elegant backend for your application first for example u could have
student id , name , score1 , score 2, score 3 , score 4 , total ;

in the front end u can use input boxes to accept the scores and name ,
the total field in the DB can be calculated as the sum of the 4 scores
Later u can generate reports , to show the highest , least avg scores and any kind of statistics ur hoping to see .