i have a project proposal regarding of monitoring attendance.what is better to use the swiping of id or the thumb reader?

A con for the card swipe is that one person can swipe multiple people in either by allowing the others to tail gate in (follow an authorized person past the gate) or by taking the id's of the other individuals and swiping for them whether or not they are their. Some of the cons for thumb readers fall under false positives and false negatives (which is well documented and any book/article that covers the pro's/con's of biometric data should at least have a section on this). A false positive is when someone who is not authorized for something is mistakenly recognized as someone who does. A false negative is the opposite where someone with the right authorization is not allowed.

thank you..pls. help me to decide what i am going to use to my thesis..php programming language or visual basic?

<sarcasm>I suggest Visual Basic since it is less general, only runs on Microsoft platforms, and is considerably less cutting edge than PHP.</sarcasm>

thank you...what can u suggest about its scope and limitation ?

Please look up the word "sarcasm".

A major project such as this is not something that someone else can do for you more than just a little help after most of the work is done (it is possible for a team to work together however, and I suggest you look into that option). You need to have your professor help you decide about scope of project (and you should also discuss the language issue with (him)). Be very careful not to try to do more than you really can do. My rule of thumb for a first-pass estimate is to think "How long will this take", then change to the next larger time unit (hour->day, day->week, etc) and double the number.

Regardless of what code you write, your paper needs to discuss the pros and the cons of all the choices you made, and show why you made those particular choices. "I asked at DaniWeb" is not an adequate reason for anything: You need to understand and state what the real reason was (why someone at DaniWeb suggested something, not that it was suggested)

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