I want to learn C# .net because .net is so popular now.
and I would like to work on an interesting topic which interests me,
because the tutorial is so boring........

personally I am interested to web spider/crawling using python,
and the project got to be in console ( not a graphic based project ) because my notebook sucks in speed.

Any other suggestion for a beginner in C# is welcome!!
Should be a challenging one.

Thank you all of you in advance.

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Perhaps what you could invent is a software system to check documents for spelling and grammar. You could use a book of words to look up tokens and find near-hits, and you could use some basic grammar rules to try to parse simple grammatical errors. You could make it so people could integrate it with Office products and even with web browsers. That way when well-intentioned people, especially those who are using a language other than their native one, will be able to produce correct text. That would be pretty cool, and think of the market value.

More seriously, because I get tired of playing Forum Cop, have you implemented all the standard sorting and searching algorithms? Do that. Implement a text-based console game in C# like a card game, a maze game, an RPG adventure, etc. Use your imagination. Write some code that plays tic-tac-toe, plays boggle, etc. Basically any board game you can make a computer play. Do some genetic algorithm stuff.

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