I'm in my graudation year 4rm the faculty of computer engineering, I'd like 2 choose a graduation project. I have an experience in working with c#, assembly, microprocessors and have a good experience in computer networks. The sharing of any idea of an interesting project is warm-welcomed..... I've been thinking in something which has 2 do in wireless networks :confused: Thnx

Ooh, ooh! How about a filter that cleans up those lame abbreviations that make you look like a retard? ;)

But seriously, what was the primary focus of your studies? What part of the courses did you enjoy most? You should be able to find a good project that falls under those two areas. Just be creative.

Well after my study of CE i discovered that i like to develop web applications, but since I'm studying CE i have to choose a projet which involves both hardware & a software, I've been looking for some creative ideas 4rm the members here so maybe I can fall in love with any of them!

Automate your toaster to crank out some pop tarts when your alarm clock goes off. At the very least you can play with wireless transmitters, assembly, microprocessors, and probably C# too. Then write a paper on the effects of wireless munchies and how they're linked to cancer. You'll get an A+. :)

p.s. I was only mostly serious about the abbreviations. "4rm" is probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

I liked the toaster idea, but today I've thought about something else....
I'd like to remotely control a small car by using the computer. I will draw the path of the car and the surrounding dimensions on the pc, and the path that i move on the pc will make the car move in the real path. I guess that will need a good programming in c#, a wireless transmitter and reciever, and stepper motor to drive the car, what do u think? :rolleyes: