well i was browsing this forum and saw a couple of posts about this, but either they weren't for my level or not the topic i want (some where really interesting - cheers) but i'm about to finish the second yr of my "practical software engineer" diploma and i can't decide on a project - can neone give some ideas?
I don't need it language specific (but using vs languages) and I prefer something with networking and NO database (ie. no sql and such).
I'm doing it on my own so it shouldn't be too complex (but i am looking for that dazzaling effect).
I was offered to do a link between vending machines and the suppliers that gives a report on available produce b4 the suppliers goes on the route - but i don't get that "sparkle" when thinking about it.
....Wow i wrote a lot - srry about that - hope u ppl can help me.
thnx in advance.

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For my PSE projects at school four years ago I had several projects.
One of the last is below.
- A media library program where you can store and search books of all type of
- Absence registration with an existing system SCHOOLFACT.
(import data files and process it and run automated letters to your parents.)
Alot of people hated me. Dunno why.. ;o)

You can replace the schoolfact database with using it through a network systems. Might work.
At school we had a pass system. You need a pass to enter the school. On a system you could see which students logged in and where. If it sends comminucation student X is late through network for xx times and it sends automitacally a letter to the parents of his absence.

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