Is it possible to lock a RDP session in Windows XP, so that if for example I connected to a LAN pc using a particular username, no other user can either log in while that session is in use, and also not able to disconnect the session until I sign off?

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Hey Lordrt,

This could be a partial work around, I know of no way to protect your session like you are describing. One thing you can do though is connect to the console by start run "mstsc /console" anyone who tries to login at the terminal will see you have the desktop locked. This is not to say if they have admin privs they can't kick your session. This will also leave the other 2 default Terminal Service session available to anyone else who may need it. Just FYI Windows 7 and 2008 server did away with the /console option. It is now reserved for only services, hope this helps.

hi, i've tried with the mstsc /console but as u said if they have admin rights its kicked out immediately, however for that pc, there is only a single user which is used by everyone, and this causes trouble if we are in the middle of something important and get kick out by another user who's accessing at the same time. The OS installed is not a server version, just normal XP Pro and i was hoping to at least find an app or a command which could lock the session until the user logsoff

Ok, I have two other ideas. There may be a couple security fixes you can take advantage one is forcing the same user to reconnect from the same source machine and registry two only allows a single session per user.

Since you only have one user account shared between everyone you might have a problem with people forgetting to disconnect their session. If that becomes a problem take a look at timeouts.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services]
1. "fReconnectSame"=dword:00000001
2. "fSingleSessionPerUser"=dword:00000001

hi again, tried with the fsinglesessionperuser, but still the rdp gets disconnected when someone else connects from his pc.

Is there a reason you didn't try the fSingleSessionPerUser?

Is there a reason you didn't try the fSingleSessionPerUser?

I tried it, see comment above, but it still got disconnected if another user logs in from his own pc

May be for a temp solution will ask to create a login for each one, but in doing so will get so many accounts on that pc, and will not prevent others from still logging off, while I wanted more like a solution to deny access until the session is disconnected or timedout then allow any user to login and lock the session again

Misread the post above, sorry man I can't think of anything else and there isn't an application out there that meets your needs, at least not that I have seen. If I come across anything I'll update this thread.

ok thanks for your time, will put the thread as solved since am going for multiple accounts for the RDP access, but in case you have something do update here and will do same if I get an app or tweak which works

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