i am not sure whether this topic would go under this category, thought this would be more suitable

what are the famous software architectures? i have to do an research on this an present, I am new to this topic

appreciate a reply


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autodesk is probably the most well known for their great architecture software:

Here is a link to one of their products:

ohh you mean to create a structure of an architecture, i think i did not ask my question properly.

in developing a software there is an architecture for the software, just like building a house

ex of software architecture are pipe $ filter, SOA (service oriented architecture) etc....

i was asking a popular software architecture for me to do a preentation

sry for the confusion

I'm sorry, but even with you description, its still a little unclear... but I'll still take my go at it...

So your trying to use a architecture software to do a presentation on?

no no
it's not architecture software, it is software architecture


oh, now I see what you mean (I was going the wrong direction)...

Well i made a google search and found quite a few:
Click Here, Click Here,Click Here... Those are a few I found with a google search...

I can't promise you which is the best... I don't use them, so i'll let you decide on that :)

I am sure that you must have looked up the Wikipedia entry on this subject. I would select one from the list in that entry and research on it.

Sorry i didn't wikipedia it honestly.... i google imaged it :)

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