Hey all,
My Final year of the Software Engineering degree starting on end of November. But i'm not that much aware on a final year project yet. The duration is nearly 6 months and i'm interested in doing a Desktop System (like data mining) or some kind of a Web related System Using Java and the most latest technology of Java. So your adeas regarding these areas are highly appreciated.

Thank You in-advance..
Rukshan Silva

How about a mini search engine as a final year project ?

yeah ithelp.. thanks for your idea.. Thats interesting. But can u explain a little bit? Do u mean something like part of a search engine? or is it like providing a search kind of thing with in a website? can you mention any website for further clarifications? Thank you so much..

what about thinking for yourself? Coming up with your own ideas?
Or are you going to sit here waiting for someone to write a complete proposal and when it's OK'd by your teachers come back here and wait for someone to implement it for you?

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ya jwenting you are totally correct.. Bt what i expect here is just to appreciate any ideas from Experts or people with the Industrial Experience, since i do not have any Industrial Experience.. So if you have any practical idea it'll be great..

>since i do not have any Industrial Experience..
It's a final year project. Just pick something you learned that exhibits your newfound skills and seems interesting. It doesn't have to be practical or viable in the market, so asking for advice from people with "Industrial Experience" is silly.

A project entirely of your own invention will be more impressive to prospective employers (it demonstrates that you can really think for yourself), and far more satisfying to you.

Rather than saying "some guy on the web told me to do it", and us continually having to refine the ideas (like you're already asking us to do). Next you'll be asking for code and we'll be wondering "what is the point of you even bothering".

If you pick something really novel, it might be the next big thing, and could well define your career. So don't just re-hash the same old things which have been done before.